About Stone Path Academy



The rich philosophy of Stone Path Academy has as much to do with our therapeutic model as it does our opportunities for growth and future success.  We believe foundational change comes from an integrated treatment plan based on education, clinical and residential. Families, agencies and medical professionals have entrusted Stonepath Academy with the education of their clients and children.


Over the years, we have grown from contractors to an approved independent school creating a state-of-the-art program ready for further growth. Currently, we are building our foothold in the community to serve youth and families with education and services to develop emotional regulation, academic success and foundational sense of self. Investment in the sustainability of Vermont’s natural resources is also a focus with the spread of environmental education and best practices for students, and conservationists. And, we continue to welcome children, families, and guests who want to experience our culture, or just be together in a truly serene and enriching environment.


There is intrinsic value in connecting people with nature, their community, and each other. We are proud to continue our commitment to our communities.

Alan Faircloth

Our Philosophy

Stone Path Academy’s mission is to provide educational services in a therapeutic environment for teenagers and young adults with emotional/behavioral disabilities. Stonepath Academy provides its students with a coercion-free, personalized learning environment. 

Our History

Founded in 2012, Alan Faircloth created an educational program that reflected trauma-informed clinical support for students who required an alternative educational path. Steady growth and positive results allowed Alan to expand his services. Now, a licensed independent school, Stone Path Academy will continue to serve students who need a coercion-free educational placement rooted in trauma-informed care.